Why *ExportError_PermissionDenied*

I’m a New User - on “Power” plan.

When I click export of (tiny) video as download (or to Dropbox; other options untested) I get ExportError_PermissionDenied

What’s up, folks??


I got the the same thing on multiple, but not all, HP Chromebooks.

Typically I get this when students accidentally delete media tied to the project video. Reimporting media can sometimes fix it or duplicate the project and try exporting from the new project.

Hi @carbonze. I have passed your message onto our team. In the meantime, if you are still experiencing issues I encourage you to open a support ticket by emailing support@wevideo.com. If you can, include screenshots and any information that can be used to replicate the issue so that they can quickly help you resolve the problem.